GoutCare was created in the USA back in the mid 1990’s by people who were effectively the pioneers in the field of natural gout treatment. The founders wanted to create an all-natural solution to aid the many gout sufferers in the world, without the need to depend on prescription medicines. One of the founders was a medical doctor who saw the need to find a solution to this painful condition and not just fix the crux of the issue but to truly prevent it from coming back.They could see the harmful side effects of many prescription medicines and wanted to actually treat the cause of the problem, not just band aid it like many medications do. After many years of research in the field and many trials they formulated an all-natural 100 % organic, powerful gout treatment.

In 1998 GC® GoutCare started selling product in USA and had immediate success with many people raving about it. Being gout sufferers they were the perfect guinea pigs for a lot of the groundwork. GoutCare was then introduced to UK, Asia, and the South pacific in the years to follow.  GoutCare has been sold to the public for over 15 years with 100,000’s of happy customers worldwide.

The GoutCare company is dedicated to help gout suffers and work with them to help them become and stay gout free like we have. It’s our mission to help people with this condition and do everything we can to help. Many websites have copied the original GoutCare product, but we offer full customer service, and have doctors and experienced gout people on our team to help all the way along. We love to hear the good news when people who have had gout for many years start taking our product and become gout free. That’s why we’re here and what we enjoy. We are passionate about supporting your body to prevent gout.

My Story :

Hi, I’m Sean the director and owner of GoutCare Pacific. I too have walked in your shoes and suffered gout for about 3-4 years, with constant aches in my foot and a gout attack about every 3-4 months.

I remember the first time I had gout, it was around Christmas; a time of many beers and good meaty bbq’s. My foot started to ache and I thought I must have twisted it or aggravated it playing golf that day. By the next day it was so sore I couldn’t walk on it. I went to the local A&E and managed to get some anti-inflammatory for my ‘sore foot. A few months later the same thing happened, my foot got sore and I went to my local doctor again to get some meds for it. She suggested I might have gout and better get some tests done. That night I went home and searched the internet to find out ‘what is gout’, what caused it and gout symptoms. Much like most of you reading this will know, sure enough, I had gout.

After meeting with the doctor again with the test results of elevated uric acids level, she suggested I go on some prescription medication. When I asked “for how long” she said “forever”, I nearly fell over.  No way was I going to go on medications for ever, there must be some other alternatives. I am not a fan of prescription medications anyway, let alone forever. I was going to beat this myself. I googled gout for months, looked up home remedies etc… trying to find out how to fix gout. I altered my diet, cut out some higher purine foods that I love (anchovies are my favourite), drank more water, but I still was getting that ache in my foot and the odd attack. I found some alternative medications in the local health shop and started taking them, but they didn’t really help either.

I then found GoutCare Pacific, read all about it and gave their product a go. That was when I knew I had found something I needed to tell other gout sufferers about. I started taking the pills and almost immediately the ache in my foot with which I lived nearly constantly had completely gone. No aches, no attacks, GONE.

I rang the owner of GoutCare Pacific, a deal was struck and I bought the business.  I wanted to tell people about the GoutCare product and was genuinely interested to help people rid themselves of this horrible and painful condition. I wanted to do it naturally, and not have the side effects that come with many long term prescription medicines.

Being a gout sufferer, I know what it’s like. How it affects peoples everyday lives, and now how to help with this painful condition 100 % naturally. I have a lot of knowledge on the condition, understand it, have had it, and truly believe GoutCare can make a big difference. I love how GoutCare changed my life, and I know it can do the same for you. Some basic life style, dietary changes and taking GoutCare daily is the answer to solving gout once and for all. I still today drink beer weekly, have anchovies on my seafood pizzas, eat red meat and enjoy exercising again.

I’m proof you can have your steak and eat it too!  Give us a try.

Sean Hills

GoutCare Pacific