Why doesn’t my physician know anything about this medicine?

Why doesn't my physician know anything about this medicine?

A: This is not your doctor's fault. All medical training is directed to diagnose and treat symptoms, but not necessarily how to prevent. Preventative care is in its infancy. Unless your physician is certified and trained  in a field of Naturopathic Medicine, (which many are starting to) then he/she will not be familiar with all natural herbal remedies.

What shoes are ideal for Gout sufferers

Shoes that are ideal for gout sufferers are Trainers and  walking shoes, slippers -  Larger front box areas, good cushioning and insoles, spacious for air circulation, nothing causing pressure or discomfort.

Shoes not ideal are flip flops, tight fitting shoes, thin soled shoes, high heels, narrow toed shoes,

Then there is the debate on the use of socks.  Keeping your feet warm and compression socks.