Staying on top of your gout

Why do I need to keep on top of gout using GC;  the natural way ?

We do encounter the odd case where people are experiencing aches, and the odd attack despite their maintenance efforts.  PLEASE note that continued gout maintenance is 100% necessary.  Many people become overly confident in our products and program and forget to do the basics. They tend to slack off on water, eat high purine foods, and reduce the amount of Gout Care they take each day.  Small amounts of storage and damage will occur in light of these reduced efforts and can lead to an attack.  It is vital that you are clearing the uric acid you produce each day and that comprehensive approach is crucial to avoiding Gout Attacks.

In short, Gout is a serious condition and you need to treat is as such. Although over time GC will enable you to do many things and eat many things you couldn't before, you still need to do everything that got you to that position. Keep up the water intake, keep taking 2+ pills per day ( especially in summer) and don't eat the high purine foods that may have lead to the condition in the first place.

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