Can damage in my joints caused by gout be reversed ?

One thing for sure is that the quicker you act to help treat gout the better.

Gout or uric acid build up in joints can take many years to become a real concern, but once you have had two or more attacks you have a problem. Some people have one gout attack and never have a second, but if you do have reoccurring gout attacks is is highly probably it will get worse without treatment.

In answer to the question, can damage in the joints caused by gout be reversed  ? The medical answer is, no. Although surgery can help and is used to remove large deposits of tophi (uric crystal) from under the skin, but normally only in extreme cases.

The good news However with treatment, any additional damage to the joints can be prevented, and if you act quickly enough you can prevent future gout attacks and additional build up in the joints.

Gout attacks can cause havoc in your general life by creating debilitating pain, the sooner you act the better the chance to beat it.

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