The benefits of taking GC with prescription medicine

Although where possible, we at Gout Care Pacific always lean towards natural alternatives to prescription medicines for people with gout, there is a place for GC alongside prescription medicines.

We constantly hear from Gout sufferers looking to change from prescription medicines ( e.g Allopurinol, Colchicine )  to a natural alternative about the stomach and intestinal issues that have arisen from taking the prescription meds. One gentleman I spoke with had been taking Allopurinol for around 5 years, and his stomach lining had completed rotted to a point he was in consistent pain. The doctor then had to prescribe more medicine to help offset the new round of issues. Doesn't make much sense does it ?

GC's blend of 100 % natural herbs help support the stomach, intestines, kidneys and Gut where a lot of damage occurs for gout sufferers. If you have made the decision to take prescription medicine, taking GC will help support the potential side effects that will more than likely arise.

If you do take prescription medications for gout, we would also advise a 4-6 monthly dose of pro biotics. Pro bio-tics will help support and realign the gut and intestines to help offset the long term issues that may arrive.