Don’t get dehydrated! Especially if you have Gout

Drinking plenty of water is good for everyone.  Those who suffer from Gout should be especially vigilant with their hydration. It not only lubricates the joints but also helps flush out the the Uric Acid Crystals which building up in the system. Good quality water is also helpful, either filtered or with lemon added is ideal.

Alcohol obviously is dehydrating, therefore hugely beneficial to add water in between drinks...

Weight loss and Gout

Many health problems are associated with being overweight.  Gout is no exception.

  1. Being overweight may put more pressure on your joints.
  2. Being overweight may increase your Uric Acid levels
  3. Being overweight  may increase the number of Gout Attacks

although loosing weight will be beneficial, it must be done with control.  It is crucial to avoid crash dieting. Prolonged periods of hunger will in fact raise your Uric Acid Levels and lead to a Gout Attack.

A balanced diet and exercise will get you there with much better long term results.