Know your Gout Triggers!

Higher than average levels of Uric Acid in your system, which builds up around a joint and forms uric crystal, is what happens when you have Gout.

Finding out what triggers this build up may help to prevent future Gout Attacks.

  1. Foods - foods that are high in purines.
  2. Dehydration - it is harder for your kidneys to work when dehydrated, and flush out your uric acid.
  3. Alcohol - it raises uric acid levels and makes you dehydrated
  4. Medication - Some drugs such as diuretics, beta-blockers and cyclosporine
  5. Fructose Beverages - fructose sweetened drinks can can bring on flare ups.
  6. Stress - medical stress can cause flare ups.


Exercise to relieve Gout

The best exercises for Gout are a range of motion types such as stretching, building endurance and strength training. All of these are incorporated into Yoga.

Before commencing exercises, a physician should be consulted.  Exercise will stop further build up of Uric Acid; However it does not get rid of Uric Acid like a good diet can. Note, exercise should stop once a Gout Flair up occurs.  At this stage it will only agitate inflamed joints.  Once pain has decreased exercise can begin.